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Caring for orphaned and vulnerable children through family-based living environments, discipleship and education, empowering future leaders to build healthy communities.

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children belong in families

The idea that children should be with their biological families may seem simple and obvious, but Restoring Hope is a leader in this best practice of global orphaned and vulnerable children care. We hold firm to our vision and goals in how we approach family-based care (strengthening and reunification) at Restoring Hope. 

our vision for family-based care

Discipleship in following Jesus Christ

Growing in relationship with Jesus and receiving the love of God is a vital aspect of what we nurture in these children and a key to restored dignity and hope after often tragic childhood experiences.

Ensure health & nutrition needs are met

The physical health of these children is a top priority for our core value of holistic restoration that recognizes the educational, spiritual and physical needs of every child.

education that breaks the cycle of poverty

We aim to give every child the opportunity to become educated and break the cycle of poverty, often becoming the first person in their biological family to receive a college education.

The local Church and social workers

Our orphan care has always relied on the local church's participation, led by the pastor and the pastor's family.  It became apparent very early on in our family reunification process that social workers were going to be a key piece to the success of this transition. Our social workers watch out for the child’s present and future, and provide care and support that becomes an essential part of the long-term success of the child in their family home.

ongoing training & additional support

We are working with many local and international organizations and ministries to help train and expand the best practices of orphan and vulnerable children care. 

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restoring hope's impact

we're on a mission to do more


700+ is the approximate number of children and students supported by Restoring Hope.





400 Restoring Hope children are back home with a surviving biological parent, thanks to the financial support Restoring Hope is able to provide.
250 Restoring Hope students are now attending college: the first in their families to ever do so.
150 children and students have been identified as vulnerable in their families of origin and have received support and training in family strengthening.
25 Restoring Hope students have graduated from college, and returned to their communities with a passion for service.

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