family-based care

The idea that children should be with their biological families may seem simple and obvious, but Restoring Hope is a leader in this best practice of global orphaned and vulnerable children care. We hold firm to our vision and goals in how we approach family-based care (strengthening and reunification) at Restoring Hope. 

Why family-based care?

Adithya, Karthik, and Ravi Teja’s father was brutally murdered in their village when they were all young. They and their mother, Koteswari, were left unprotected and unprovided for. Their future was very bleak as widowhood and being fatherless can spell disaster in their culture.

Left without options, Koteswari surrendered the day to day care of her boys to our organization. Over the years, Koteswari would visit her kids about once every three weeks, whenever she was home from her work in the fields to support herself, where they lived with 7 other boys in similar situations. 

In March 2020 Adithya, Karthik, and Ravi Teja were permanently reunified with their mother Koteswari, moving back into her home with, continued support from our organization, allowing her to be the direct caregiver for her own children once again.

This is just one story of hundreds among Restoring Hope families, exhibiting why we believe family-based care is the ideal model of orphan and vulnerable children care moving forward.  

Overcoming barriers to keep children with their biological family

“My heart felt so sad, up to now, but I don’t have any worries about my children’s education because Restoring Hope is there in our lives. I am very happy because we are a part of Restoring Hope, and we won’t forget this help as long as we live.”

- Koteswari. Mother of 3 boys