Caring for orphaned and vulnerable children through family-based living environments, discipleship and education, empowering future leaders to build healthy communities.

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If you’re part of a family, and we know you are or have been at some time, you understand the different roles family members play.   If you have experienced orphanhood or a family tragedy in some way, as 700 children and families of Restoring Hope have, what does that mean for the roles of the family? The village church […]

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March 15, 2023

The Roles of a Restoring Hope Family

Have you ever wondered how we keep up with the 700 children and families in our network of care? Now that there have been reunifications to biological families, there’s a lot more digging for information and reports on the status of the children and their caregivers. Now decentralized geographically, our indigenous South Asian team on […]

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March 8, 2023

How do we receive reports from South Asia?

Have you heard? We are helping to strengthen families in South Asia. We have had many opportunities to reach vulnerable children and their families through local village churches. Now 6 churches used their space, to open services to the wider public. We hope more of the previously used children’s home, will have the same transformation […]

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January 25, 2023

Village Development Centers

When Restoring Hope was full of close to 100 cute, little kids, ages 5 – 12, starting 10 years ago, many early supporters were asked to help fund projects like painting the churches providing care to these children, or asked to provide some school uniforms and Christmas gifts.  The tradition of new clothes given to the […]

Christmas Clebrations, In the Field

December 20, 2022

Christmas Celebrations 2022

Orphan Sunday Recap Caregivers explained about the vision and future goals for Restoring Hope’s programs for children and families. They spoke about how we are growing and finding success. There’s been feedback that the communities are benefiting from the impact of the work with children and families also. In addition, the child’s life is transforming […]

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November 30, 2022

The End of 2022

A Visit to Restoring Hope on the Ground in South Asia My wife and I lived in South Asia working with orphan care startingin 2011. We thought it was a one-two year commitment, but then we fell inlove with these orphaned and vulnerable kids whom we were indirectlyserving through local leaders and staff. For the […]

In the Field

November 18, 2022

The Fruit in Its Season

The college students are all grown up! Taller is the first and most noticeable change. When we take a deeper look at the past, we can see the drastic changes today. Nearly 15 years ago as an organization bringing up children in safe homes with pastors, today we reunified 550 children to live with biological […]

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November 8, 2022

A Deeper Look at the Past…Today!

Have you been to South Asia? It’s a remarkable place and now you will have the chance to see it through the Director’s 2-week trip. He will be taking “live” video you won’t want to miss. How to Watch, and Be (Virtually) a Part of This: 1.  Click here to join 2.  Provide your phone number […]

In the Field, Prayer

November 2, 2022

See The Work On The Ground

For many, the word “Alumni” itself was new! – Restoring Hope Staff This past May, the first two **ever** alumni gatherings took place in two parts of South Asia for our Restoring Hope youth. We now have 21 college graduates (and hundreds more to come) who have been raised in the local church and now re-connected with […]

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October 4, 2022

Alumni Gatherings

Orphan Sunday has been a powerful tool to invite churches to join the movement, and is used by many to raise awareness of the needs of vulnerable children and families in their communities. Here’s the dropbox link to access all the photos to help pray and advocate for orphans, vulnerable children and families in South […]


October 3, 2022

Pray for Orphan Sunday on November 13th

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