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There are many ways to jump into this work and we'd love to hear how you can use your gifts to make a greater impact for family-based care.

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Come alongside families to help raise these children

They say it takes a village to raise a child, so imagine how large of a village we need to raise 700 children! Advocates are essential to Restoring Hope, and there are multiple ways you can play a role in our organization. 

Advocate Opportunities

Join a Campaign

We invite you to take your partnership with Restoring Hope to the next level by joining us during one of our in-person campaign days, such as Sports Day in September. For more info, please contact us. 

social media advocate

In a world of ever-changing social media algorithms, there is one thing we know: post interaction matters! Contact us to learn more about how to advocate for Restoring Hope with your likes, comments, clicks, and shares, and commit to scroll for good!

join our development team

Our volunteers are united in passion and love for these children. We have as-needed opportunities including hand writing thank you cards, partner communication, graphic design, and more. Please reach out if you are interested in joining us and making a difference in these children’s lives!

conNect us with your circle

Word of mouth is the best way to spread the word about Restoring Hope to a wider audience. You know people we never would without a connection through you! Look for opportunities to tell those in your circle about Restoring Hope, why you love our work and trust our organization, and invite them to join you in partnering with us. 

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raise money of behalf of restoring hope

For our organization to continue growing, we need new avenues of financial support. As someone who believes in Restoring Hope, we invite you to fundraise on our behalf, connect us with new donors and help us advance our bold vision for the future.

fundraising Opportunities

Sports Day

This annual fundraiser for college students takes place in September. It’s never too early plan your fun event!

get your family involved

Everyone loves a lemonade stand for a good cause on a hot summer day, or a plate of bake sale cookies. Inspire generosity in your children from a young age by getting them involved in hosting their own fundraiser for RH.

Set the table

Invite a few friends, your small group, your church missions team, or whoever in your life might want to know more about Restoring Hope’s work over for dinner. Share delicious food around the table as you share more about our organization. We will provide you with resources and materials in order to share with confidence.

host a benefit concert

Are you musically talented? Host a benefit concert to raise money for Restoring Hope! Whether it’s at a local coffee shop, virtual on social media, or at a sold-out stadium, use your talents to advocate and fundraise for Restoring Hope children and families.

birthday fundraiser

We’ve all seen our friends raise money for their favorite organizations on social media. We invite you to do the same for Restoring Hope on your next birthday! We would be happy to talk with you about a particular aspect of our work you would most like to fundraise for and provide you with a donation link. Contact us to start the conversation, and have a happy birthday! 

matching challenge

Consider committing to match a certain amount of donations to Restoring Hope, and invite others to join you to reach this goal. Host this challenge as part of one of our campaigns, for a specific aspect of our work you are especially passionate about or simply for the Restoring Hope general fund to meet a variety of needs.

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Your generosity will help shape brighter futures for these deserving children.

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