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History of Restoring Hope

Our organization started in 2008 with a vision to revolutionize orphan and vulnerable children care through equipping the local church to care for its own. While much has changed since then, our focus on church-led discipleship, education, holistic restoration, and dignity remains central to helping biological families care for their children. 

our story...so far


Our organization opened with 80 children living in family-style homes in village churches. Each home was led by the church’s pastor, who cared for 10 children around the clock, often in addition to their own family.


20 new church-based homes opened, starting the first round of growth for our organization.


While our family-style care model had served these children well for more than ten years, we wanted more for them and their biological family members. We began planning a shift to a family reunification care model, which was expedited by COVID-19. Due to government requirements, all of our children were rapidly reunified with a biological family member. As initial Covid concerns waned, we took steps to ensure these placements would be successful permanently. We aim to give every child the opportunity to become educated and break the cycle of poverty, often becoming the first person in their biological family to receive a college education.


With a new model of care solidified and a big vision for the future, our organization changed our name to better represent what we seek to do: Restoring Hope to orphaned and vulnerable children, their families and entire villages.

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